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December 2019

Sleek looks, a healthy appetite and a fair old dollop of cattitude – that pretty much sums up six-year-old Freddie, whose other claim to fame is having virtually no tail. He dislikes other cats with a vengeance and has been known t0 get into scraps, though whether or not that explains the loss of appendage remains a matter of conjecture. What we do know is that, when the mood takes him, he can respond very positively to human contact. Probably not suited to a home where there are young children. Call Lymington Cat & Kitten Rescue on 01590 678663 or 07739 109029 for further details.

December 2019

Pert and petite, gorgeous Gemma is one of the most affectionate and “giving” cats currently on our books – you only have to get close and she’ll be up on her hind legs, giving you friendly headbutts and demanding to be loved. Our staff are only too happy to oblige, of course! Gemma’s coat is brownish black or blackish brown (you decide) and her white blaze of a nose is particularly appealing. She’s around nine years old and, offered a loving new home, she’d jump at the chance. Literally. If you would like further details, call us on 01590 678663 or 07739 109029.

December 2019

If we told you Kizzy had a whiter-than-white reputation we’d be fibbing; she’s a feisty little madam at times and can become stressed if cooped up in a confined space. But there’s a lot that is good about her, too; she’s a changed character if she has room to roam and, on her terms, she can receive attention and positively enjoy it. She’s gorgeous looking, too! Given the right home – with no other pets, no children, and a nice bit of garden to explore – we’re confident this fluffy five-year-old can be an excellent pet.

Watch this space! More cats arriving very soon…

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