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February 2020

Archie (left) and Tilly are two well-upholstered cats who previous owners reluctantly had to part company with them owing to allergy issues. Now approaching their 12th birthdays, they are good mates who both microchipped and up to date with their vaccinations. Archie is chunky fluff ball of a cat, while Tilly has gorgeous tortoiseshell markings and is similarly cuddly. If you would like an appointment to meet them, contact Lymington Cat & Kitten Rescue on 01590 678663/678233 or 07739 109029 and we’ll be happy to help.

February 2020

These two black beauties came to us from a remote spot near Basingstoke where the feline population had, shall we say, got slightly out of hand! Lucie (left) and Logie are less than a year old and are becoming more and more loveable by the day. Logan is the more confident and outgoing (he boasts quite a formidable purr when he’s in the mood) but his mate is also making good progress and they will be perfect pets for anyone seeking a pair of delightful, glossy-coated youngsters; they dote on each other and it is essential they are rehomed as a pair. If you would like to meet them and find out a little more, call Lymington Cat & Kitten Rescue on 01590 678663/678233 or 07739 109029; we’ll be delighted to fix up an appointment for you to get up close and personal with them!

February 2020

Claude is a beautiful, big, bouncy tabby who needs a special indoor home; he’s FIV+, which means he can’t have contact with other cats. Many cats can live long and healthy lives with FIV and anyone meeting him would agree that Claude (so named because he originates from France) looks considerably younger than his 13 years. He currently has a comfortable room of his own at the home of one of our managers, but he deserves a bit more space… and the chance to work off some of the enormous amount of food he devours!

Watch this space! More cats arriving very soon…

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