Adoptions suspended

IMPORTANT COVID-19 UPDATE: Under the latest national lockdown we regret we are unable to offer “appointments to view” until further notice. We will continue to publish brief details of available cats and you are welcøme to register your interest, but please be aware that we are unable to progress adoptions while current restrictions remain in force.

January 2021

Three full months since being found making a nuisance of himself in a quiet backwater on the outskirts of Lymington, Roger still can’t make up his mind whether he’s a lap cat or an incorrigible feral. One minute he’s pushing himself forward for pettings, then the next he’s having a swipe at your legs. We thought having him neutered might  do the trick but he’s still prone to psychopathic tendencies – so we’ve decided a farm, stables or smallholding would be an ideal home, where he can polish up his ratting and mousing skills.

Watch this space! More cats arriving very soon…

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