Make your money go further

Every single penny donated to Lymington Cat & Kitten Rescue is appreciated hugely… and you can make your kind contribution go even further if you Gift Aid it.

giftaid artworkThere’s nothing mysterious or complicated about Gift Aid – it’s a simple way for any registered charity like ours to increase the value of financial donations by one quarter.

Put simply, for every £1 we receive from a qualifying UK taxpayer we can claim back an extra 25p from HM Revenue & Customs. And it doesn’t cost you a penny!

All you have to do is complete a simple form which confirms your status as a taxpayer and authorises us to claim Gift Aid on your donation.

And, if you’re a regular donor, we have another equally simple form that saves you the trouble of filling out a new declaration every time you contribute.

So, why do we get an extra 25 per cent on a Gift Aided donation when the basic rate of income tax is only 20 per cent?

The answer lies in the fact that when a taxpayer gives money to a charity such as ours, they have already paid tax on that money. In other words, every £1 donated was worth £1.25 before it was taxed.

And, because charities are generally exempt from tax, we can claim an amount from HMRC equal to the tax paid on that money by the donor.

For example, if a supporter makes a Gift Aided donation of £50 to Lymington Cat & Kitten Rescue, it’s actually worth £62.50 to us – which is quite a difference, especially to a small charity such as ours.

So please do consider using Gift Aid to maximise your support at no extra cost to yourself. For further details email or call our honorary treasurer Jon Hancock on 07739 109029.

Gift Aid forms are also available at our rescue centre in Highfield Avenue, Lymington, and at our shops in Milford-on-Sea and Lymington.

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