Adopting a cat starts with the
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Beautiful Tilly was one of the lucky ones who found a lovely new home within days of arriving at our rescue. Others aren’t always so fortunate…

Thousands of cats and kittens have found kind, loving new homes in the 40-plus years since our charity was founded – could you provide one too? This section of the website is our “introduction agency”…

There can never be enough animal lovers willing to take on one or more of our needy feline friends; for every single cat we rehome, there can be up to ten waiting to come in. So you can see how important this aspect of our work is.

Cats of most ages are available for rehoming and we always do everything we can to help you make the right choice(s).

Call us on 01590 678663 and we will be happy to arrange an appointment for you to visit our shelter and see who’s available for adoption – you can “window shop” here for starters!

The Black & White Moggy Show… starring Patch and Millie

In all cases we make a routine “home check” to ensure our cats are adopted into safe and suitable environments. Like humans, they all have different character traits and what’s fine for one may not be for another.

Adult cats are neutered when they come in to us and everyone who adopts is offered a “starter kit” of litter and tray, toys, food, wormer and flea drops.

Unlike many larger charities such as Cats Protection and the RSPCA, we make no formal charge for this service, though naturally we are delighted to accept any donations – click here for more details. Remember, we receive no state or local authority funding and every penny is precious in our quest to help the next cats that arrive at our door.

Click here to see a selection of the cats currently needing a home. We update our website as often as possible, but the situation can change literally hour by hour – so it’s always worth calling us on 01590 678663 for the very latest news!

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    Want to meet our latest feline guests and see who's available for rehoming? Click on the Adopt a Cat button on our homepage and follow the link for full details......

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    IMPORTANT: While every effort is made to keep these listings updated, there are occasions where cats are "under offer" - i.e. provisionally booked for viewing/adoption but awaiting confirmation and/or home...